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    Holiday Resource Guide  Hey everyone, the holidays are here! We wanted to provide you with some ammunition to take with you during these treacherous times.  Here is a resource guide for you to  take with you throughout the holiday season.  Use this as a game plan to get you into 2016 in a great way!  Enjoy and feel…


Skip the Holiday Health Anxiety

I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING… “Holiday travel… Mom’s Stuffing… Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie… How do you say no? What do you do? Maybe you should just skip Thanksgiving and Christmas because you have worked so hard on making this lifestyle change….” Now take a deep breath. The holidays can and will still be so fun and amazing. I know the…


Lift like a girl

We as women do a whole lot of judging. Actually, we as HUMANS do a whole lot o judging. One judgment you hear often from women about women athletes is the “I don’t want to lift weights, I don’t want to look like a man” comment. Being strong isn’t only for the boys. Lifting heavy doesn’t make you are manly.…